• Biography

I was given a Brownie Instamatic when I was a kid and I loved taking pictures of everything. I'd make my little sisters pose for me, dress up a cat; whoever would hold still for me. Eventually I transitioned to a Nikon F-501 and continued shooting special occasions and vacations, but photography didn't become art for me until I got my first digital SLR camera. I still shoot with Nikons - my primary camera for the last four years is the D-700.

Being able to import the images into my computer right away and manipulate them in Photoshop opened up a new world of possiblities for me. For my montages, I shoot anything that catches my eye: landscapes, animals, people, cars, buildings, unusual skies and objects. Then when I'm ready to start a new piece I open up a landscape and build from there. If I don't find what I need in my files, I take my camera out and shoot the image I need and head back to my computer to incorporate it into the photo.

Portraits are my other passion, I just love faces; each one presents its own mysteries, my goal is to bring those mysteries to the surface and gently light them.
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